Friday, 8 March 2013

New Van Handover

A big Congratulations goes out to our Lucky Engineers Andrew and Darren because today we handed over our two brand new Ford Transit Vans.

GES Water travel all over the country on a daily basis to carry out jobs from Scotland to Cornwall and hopping over to all the islands on the way! With our 2 offices, 1 in Buckinghamshire and the other in Yorkshire we need a good solid fleet of vehicles including cars and vans so we can get to our sites as quickly and easy as possible. As you know from our Driven to be green Ad we are trying to reduce our carbon foot print and this is another step for us in the right direction. 

 As well as keeping our carbon foot print low with our transport we also recycle within the office, we send back old cartridges, recycle old technology and recycle all our paper, cardboard, plastics and even send our food scraps to a local 'Chicken Village'. At GES we try to do our bit for everyone and not just ourselves. 

Over the years GES Water have raised money for a number of charity's by having mufti days on a monthly basis. This year we are helping Different Strokes!