Friday, 17 May 2013

Lets Do Business Brighton

About the Show:
 2013 Brighton Show
10am-4pm, Thursday 16th May
at Brighton Racecourse
With 120+ exhibition stands and over 1000 business owners and key decision-makers under one roof, it's the perfect place to showcase your company, source top quality products & services and network with like-minded business leaders from across Sussex and beyond.

The 2012 exhibition attracted 1003 attendees from Brighton & Hove, East & West Sussex and Surrey. 
With 120+ exhibition stands and over 1000 business owners and key decision-makers under one roof, it's the perfect place to showcase your company, source top quality products & services and network with like-minded business leaders from across Sussex and beyond.

Yesterday GES Water went to Let's do business in Brighton, we went armed with business cards, posters, flyers and some of our team. We sent 2 young ladies down to attend the Social Media Seminars:

11am: How to use LinkedIn as a Business Development Tool
Julia Chanteray, The Joy of Business
A look at how to use LinkedIn to build your online presence, engage with people you might not otherwise meet, and build your sales pipeline. This seminar will make you look at LinkedIn in a completely different way, so that it becomes an integral part of your sales process, and a fantastic money making tool

12pm: Facebook for Business
Kate Bacon, Communications Genius
Many people think Facebook is just about having fun tagging friends in photos, but there is so much more to this social media platform! In this introduction to Facebook for Business, Kate will show you how to build your brand by effectively engaging your audience, winning their trust and creating raving fans.

1pm: Social Media Marketing Strategy
Adrian Swinscoe, Rare Business
The 4 C's that'll help you develop and implement a social media strategy that works. You know that you should have a social media strategy. You may already have one in place but are not generating results. In this session, Adrian will provide some tips for creating a social media strategy that works and his 4 C framework to help you design your own.

2pm: Google Plus - The Next Big Thing in Social
Ben Kelly, Alphawave Media
It's becoming the new star of social media and now has more active users than Twitter! Yet amazingly few people really know what it is or how it works”

3pm: Social Media on the Move
Matthew Jackson, Solutions-Inc
Mobile devices have enabled us to keep in touch with the world. See some of the more interesting ways to keep in touch with clients while in or out of the office.

We also had 2 of our sales team to answer any question and wonder around to gather as much information and network as much as possible.

Candice and Sammi are our newest member to the Sales Consultant team, they are eager to learn and rearing to get stuck in with any business needed. They love to get to know clients are working extremely hard.

 Everyone had a great day and really enjoyed the show, we managed to meet some interesting people and gather some great information which will hopefully help us to help you.

If you would like any information Call us on 01844 299 499

Friday, 3 May 2013

Seminar Review

As you all know GES Water held a seminar at The Source Skills Academy on Wednesday the 1st May 2013. 

 We had an amazing time and we were really pleased with how it went, we want to say a big thank you to David Harper for speaking, GES Technology for their presentation and all our guests for coming.

 We hope that everyone enjoyed themselves and learnt a lot.

Here is a brief summary of what was involved in our seminar:

Everyone arrived early and had some tea and biscuits while they settled into their seats. We kicked off with a quick introduction as to who GES are as the holders of the seminar. David Harper then took to the stage and gave everyone a bit of background explaining how he came to do what he does which was very interesting. He certainly has the credentials and experience when it comes to Legionnaires Disease to the point he has even had it and been on deaths door and survived. He gave everyone some great awareness of when Legionnaires disease was first discovered, where it can be found, how its contracted and the symptoms that can occur with some fantastic life examples he has seen to illustrate his points. 
We then took 10 minutes to all go grab a coffee and stretch our legs and when we returned David Harper put on his HSE hat and spoke to us about the legislation side of things and also mentioned some legislative updates that will be happening.

 We took a break and helped ourselves to the buffet lunch which was provided. Some people utilised this time to put some queries and questions forward to David Harper as well as the GES staff who was mingling with everyone.

 When we returned from lunch, our very own Alan Holland who is the Northern Regional Manager did a quick re-cap of the key points that David discussed and got all the groups to take part in an activity, this involved going through a dummy risk assessment and answering some questions which were posed in the work sheet given. Everyone did really well and it got them thinking about their own properties too which is what we wanted as the whole day was about the attendees.

 We had another quick break for coffee and when we came back Mark David of GES Technology took the time to go through the various wireless products they do that can help organisations be compliant with legislations with minimal effort. He also gave some examples of cases of how it worked for different organisations which was very informative and is something a few people have shown interest in finding out more about.

All in all it was a great day and we had some great feedback!

Please take a minute to read some of our feedback:

'Excellent seminar with interesting guest speakers and content such as new requirements. We would love more information.' - Police

'Excellent guest speaker coupled with the knowledge and presentations of GES really opened our eyes to legionella as a whole.' - Call Centre

'Guest Speaker was excellent, updated our knowledge and it will make me re-loor at our process.' - Police

The summary Alan Holland gave really helped and it flowed nicely into the scenario provided. We really enjoyed the scenario as it helped us to recap.' - Housing Services

'Gaining knowledge on legionella was as beneficial for us as we can now help to prevent this.' - Planning Consultants

'We really liked the information provided and all the hand-outs’ - Leisure Management

'We really enjoyed David Harpers Presentation, his knowledge is very interesting' - District Council

'We enjoyed the content and found the seminar overall useful' - Building Services

'David Harper was a fantastic Guest speaker and we enjoyed doing the question paper, it was a good reminder' - Energy Provider