Wednesday, 3 April 2013

GES Water Fleet

On Thursday 28th March 2013 we had our annual asbestos awareness course, this meant that most of the GES Water vans were in the same place. 

So.... we took advantage of the situation and took some pictures to show off our Fleet. As you can see we have a variety of vehicles that our engineers drive, we have our smaller Fords for our risk assessors and guys who travel far and don't need as much equipment right up through to the new 2013 Transits which are fully equipped with everything they need to complete the job at hand. 

 We are very proud of our vans and keep them in tip top condition (where possible). 

AS you may know from our previous Driven to Be Green post some of our vans are more Eco Friendly, as a whole we are trying to upgrade to the best possible vehicles for this for both our sales team and engineers.

Sarah Elisabeth Photography