Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Tank Refurb a Success!

From time to time,here at GES Water, we find fantastic suppliers who will go above and beyond to meet our needs. The result is a great partnership where both parties get something out of it.

So, in our spotlight is Precolor.

We found them by chance as one of our engineers mentioned them when we were struggling to find a Northern Supplier of Cold Water Storage Tanks.

We used Precolor for installing new tank lids in a hotel in the Derbyshire Peak District. However, trouble struck when we realised the tank lids we had ordered from Precolor would be too big to fit through a door onsite that had been reduced in size.

We had to call up Precolor at very short notice as the tank lids were going to be too big to get in.  Undeterred, Precolor re-manufactured the lids in 3 pieces for us so our engineers could fit them properly.

The results of the work is below:

Precolor are always attentive with good customer service. We will continue to use them as a Northern Supplier for the foreseeable future.
Thanks guys, you really do a fab job!

Check out their website: http://www.precolortankdivision.co.uk/ for more information.