Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Cold Water Storage Tank Inspections and Cleans

Does your site have Cold Water Storage Tanks? Do they comply with current regulations?

Did you know that corrosion of galvanised water tanks can provide a food source for legionella bacteria?

Did you also know that biofilm in Cold Water Storage Tanks can provide a safe-haven for legionella bacteria to grow and proliferate?

As a site responsible person, if you're not sure of any systems that could pose potential risk from Legionella bacteria, it would be wise to have a full site specific Legionella Risk Assessment carried out. 

Have you identified that you have Cold Water Storage Tanks onsite?

Do you have showers that can generate an aerosol?

Is your site high risk?

How can GES Water help you comply?

  • Carry out a full site specific Legionella Risk Assessment
  • Carry out 6 monthly temperature monitoring and inspection reports of all Cold Water Storage Tanks on your site
  • UKAS Accredited bacterial water sampling and analysis
  • Clean and Chlorination of domestic hot and cold water systems
  • Cold Water Storage Tank Replacement and Refurbishment
  • We can provide a survey to assess the possibility of converting tank stored water to a wholesome mains fed water supply

Tank fed water if not sized and installed correctly, can become stagnant and pose a significant risk if not monitored and maintained correctly. By putting into place a simple 6 monthly inspection, you significantly reduce the risk associated with Cold Water Storage Tanks and also comply with the HSE guidance

Is your tank insulated and does it have sufficient ventilation?

Example of a dirty and corroded tank

Did you know that there are higher risk individuals who are more susceptible to contracting Legionnaires Disease? 

  • Immuno-suppressed individuals
  • Increasing Age, particularly above 50
  • Existing Respiratory Disease
  • Smokers, alcoholics and drug users
  • Individuals with long-term debilitating illnesses

For a FREE site audit and survey by one of GES Water's consultants, call us today on 
0800 121 8808 or alternatively, email us at

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