Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Water Hygiene and Water Treatment

Water Hygiene

We provide trained and experienced personnel to carry out all the measures necessary to comply with the Approved Code of Practice.

  • Comprehensive Risk Assessments
  • Prevention & Control Measures
  • Implementation & Control Precautions
  • Dedicated Log Book & Record Systems
  • Audit & Review Services
  • Consultancy
Water Treatment

We can supply Chemicals, Softeners, Equipment Installation, Monitoring, Servicing, Cleaning and Pre-treatment Plant.
Preventative Maintenance
Clean & chlorinate cooling towers, laboratory analysis and continuous monitoring.


Maintain site log books and review risk assessments regularly.

Water Treatment Services

  • Scale - maintain heat transfer efficiency, reduce the risk of failure, manage maintenance costs, reduce production of scale and minimise business losses.
  • Corrosion - control corrosion to maintain operation of paint and equipment, return on investment. Corrosion is a common problem in water storage tanks.
  • Biofouling - maintain heat transfer efficiency and control corrosion. 
  • Suspended Solids - control to reduce the risk of system failure.

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